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Drive basket sizes by up to 5%. In addition, make it easy for your customers to send orders that go directly into your backend system. That’s more time for accounts to discover your products, and more time for you to spend strengthening your relationships.

How it works

Your customers order using Vori
Vori is trusted by over 100 retailers in Northern California who save up to 6 hours per week ordering using our app
Receive orders via email, web, or directly into your ERP
Stop wasting time and making errors collecting orders via fax and phone calls. Vori makes it easy to get all your orders through a single channel
Confirm orders in real time
Vori allows you to confirm orders as they come in so that you and your customers can have rapid communication

Increase sales by
up to 5% with Vori

Market your new and promotional items with pizzazz
Enable your business on the web with e-commerce
Make sure customers never forget their items
Make your promotions pop

Market new and promotional items to all your accounts in minutes. Want to target specific stores? No problem. Vori lets you run promotional campaigns for custom audience segments as well.

Drive new sales on the web

Give your customers constant access to your product offering and enable them to discover products they never knew you had. With Vori's web platform, you bring all your products to life and never miss a potential new sale.

Never drop an item again

We help your customers remember which items they order from you, so you don't have to worry about products falling off the authorized file. Maintain your position on the shelf by letting your customers order using Vori's retail app.

Empower your sales reps to do more

Vori gives your sales reps access to all the most up to date information and can cut their time spent on reorders down by 80%. This way your sales reps can spend more time talking about your amazing new lines of products and visiting more stores each day!

Loved by distributors everywhere

We have saved a ton of time on internal order entry and the Vori team works directly with our customers to get them trained on the ordering software.
Ahmed Chehade
As a sales leader, my goal is to set my sales reps up for success. Vori has given my sales force tools that speed up their routes and lets them cultivate new business instead of just reorders.
Wayne Sosnick
We’re a new Vori customer but already we are seeing orders go up in size which is very exciting. It's also easier for my customers to discover new items and add items to their order guide.
Sam Elgendy
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